If you know me very well, you would know that I’m a strong advocate of women’s right and freedom from all sorts of societal pressure.

I am a strong women rights activist and very committed to advancing the course of women, especially women in this part of the world.

Having said that, I am also not in denial of the atrocities my gender is capable of committing and which they do with reckless abandon whenever they choose to.

But I would think that this issue of Paternity Fraud is the HEIGHT of wickedness any human being could perpetrate and deepest pain to inflict on a man whom you shared marital vows with.

I have tried to look away from this story but it keeps tugging at the strings of my heart.

I mean how can somebody be so classless and conscienceless?

How can somebody be so wicked?

As a woman, I am privy to and witness first hand how deceptive my gender could be…

Sunrise on bed A and sunset on B

I have seen a lady invite her “work boyfriend” to come and meet and greet her “fiance” who had come visiting her.

She even dished from the food she cooked for her fiance for her boyfriend, while both were gisting like long lost friends.

And as soon as “Fiance” leaves, boyfriend resumes work…

Same room, same bed!


Would I be surprised if I hear that lady is involved in a “paternity fraud” tomorrow…?

No I won’t!

Who no fear women still dey learn o!

I’ll be frank here…

I have seen a lot, so much so, I pity the men that will marry some ladies in advance.

Even me as a woman, I am AFRAID of my fellow women.

I also know that every atrocity men are capable of committing against women, they have committed it and will continue to commit till thy kingdom come.

However, some sins have more devastating effect than others!

I know a man who went from 100 to 1 simply because of this paternity fraud!

He was busy topping another man’s engine.

Took him years to recover!

I pray for the VERY FEW GENUINE MEN out there, you will not marry your enemy as wife in Jesus name🙏

And YES!

Paternity test should be approved at point of birth.

There should be no fuss if she’s got nothing to hide!

I say it again… Fear Women!!!


Eniola Awokoya- a Journalist and Women’s Right Advocate writes from Ibadan.

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  1. What about men that have children all over the without their wives knowing until they die, what will u call that. Why do u always blame women for everything, what is good for d goose …………

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