My Wife had been meeting with lots of different men on her nights out.

My wife was a virgin when we married but once she had fruit it was apparent she couldn’t get enough. I began to   was getting it elsewhere and one night she came home after a   with the girls looking particularly disheveled. When I tackled her about it, she admitted she had been with another man.

Eventually she told me the whole story – she had been meeting with lots of different men on her nights out.

As she was telling me all this, two things were happening.

One, I was becoming aroused and two, I didn’t want my marriage to break up.

After we discussed the situation, I finally agreed that she could continue with her affairs until she got the bug out of her system.

Of course, she took advantage of my agreement and soon she was going out to meet her lovers every other night.

When she came home she would tell me all the details with the result that I would be so aroused that I couldn’t wait to get her into bed.

Then we had one of our rare nights out together. We were in a pub near where we live.

The pub was crowded and a coloured chap called Ralph asked if he could share our table. He told us he was from Nigeria and that he was a sailor on one of the ships.

At one point, as we were talking, Ralph said something and Rachel leaned forward and placed her hand on the top of his… the contrast between the whiteness of her skin and the ebony blackness of his caused a shiver to run through me.

Shortly afterwards, Ralph excused himself to go to the toilet and I asked Rachel if she had ever been with a black man. When she said she hadn’t I didn’t enlarge on what was in my mind.

When closing time came I suggested that we go back to our house for some supper. After we had eaten, Rachel went into the
kitchen to make a drink and I took the opportunity to ask Ralph if he had ever been with a white woman.

He said no and I then asked him if he would like to and jerked my head in the direction of the kitchen. He said “Yes, but she is your wife.” I told him that it was all right with me as long as she wanted to.

Just then Rachel walked back in. She put the coffee on the table and went to sit in the other armchair but I suggested that she sit on the settee next to Ralph.

She gave me a quizzical look and sat next to him. I said “You know Ralph fancies you, don’t you?”

Then I told Ralph to give her a kiss to show her how much he liked her.

They turned their faces towards each other and their lips met, tentatively at first, but then increasing in emotion until they were
kissing passionately. I was amazed at the speed at which things moved along.

In no time at all, her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra pushed up and his hand was contrasting vividly against her skin as he cupped her breasts and nipped and pinched her proud nipples.

I was forgotten, the only thing they could think about was their mutual lust. My own excitement was mounting as I saw his hand drop down and disappear beneath her skirt.

His hand slid up her stockings to massage the bare flesh at the top of her thighs, as he teased them wider apart. Then his fingers slid inside the leg of her knickers.

Rachel gave a little gasp and then his finger got to work and she was murmuring “Oh that’s lovely, that’s nice” and her breath was coming in little gasps.

He then took his hand out and began to tug at the waist of her panties, but she told him to wait a minute and sat up. She quickly shrugged off her blouse and bra and then stood up and dropped her skirt around her ankles.

Her panties quickly followed and except for her stockings and suspenders, she was as naked as the day she was born.

Ralph had been equally as busy and he too was now naked, his hard cock rearing up from his groin, surpassing mine in all departments.

He pushed her thighs apart but before he could settle himself between them she said, “Wait a minute” and picked her handbag up off the floor. She searched for a moment and then her hand emerged holding a French letter.

Just as she was about to tear the wrapper, a strange feeling came over me and I walked over to them and took the rubber out of her hand. I told her she didn’t want anything between her and her first taste of black meat. She just looked up at me and asked me if I was sure.

I knelt down and kissed her on the lips and then she gripped my hand and kept hold of it as Ralph lowered himself over her.

She drew her knees up as high as she could and Ralph supported himself above her so that I had the perfect view as she reached down and guided him into place.

It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen as her flesh parted and inch by inch he disappeared inside her. He began to take her with long steady strokes and I knelt at her side and she held my hand as thrill after thrill tore through her body.

Suddenly Ralph stopped and he was gasping for breath as he said he was nearly ready to come and should he pull out.

Both of them were staring at me as I told him to leave it in and give her everything he had got.

He started to move his hips again and her grip on my hand tightened as he quickly reached that frenetic state that foretold his imminent climax. He was grunting and cursing with the effort, in concert with her oohing and ahhing and then he gave a great gasp and strained against her while she let out a wail as he spewed his fluid into her unshielded belly.

For quite a while the three of us were too spent to move but I recovered first and went back to sit in the armchair from where I could watch the two of them, Rachel still squashed under Ralph’s

Eventually they stirred. Rachel got up, came over to me and sat on my knee. She kissed me and said, “Thank you, that was the best

I have ever had, and now I’ve one more favour to ask.” She told me she wanted Ralph to stay the night and sleep with her.

At first I was reticent but eventually I agreed. She jumped up and took Ralph’s hand, telling him they were going up to bed…. his triumphant grin said it all.

As she turned to lead him from the room I asked her if she had forgotten the French letters in her handbag but she declared she had not forgotten them – I was right, it was much better without them!

Almost as soon as they got upstairs he was at her – I knew from the rhythmic sounds of the bedsprings as I lay on the settee directly beneath them. I slept only fitfully and each time I woke it seemed they were at it yet again; and each time I got a perverse thrill from knowing that the noise was the prelude to the African once more emptying himself into her unprotected body.

I was woken by the two of them searching for their clothes.

When Ralph was dressed, Rachel, still clad only in her now laddered stockings, saw him to the front door and I suspect she was barely hidden by the partially open door as she kissed him good-bye.

She looked at me ruefully and said, “Things got a bit out of hand, didn’t they?”

We talked about what had happened and Rachel admitted she was not sure how many times Ralph had had her, but every time he did, he had come inside her.

She also said I had to take a share of the blame for encouraging him in the first place.

I think we both sensed that this was the turning point for us and from now on, instead of just passively accepting Rachel’s affairs, I would be openly encouraging her and, where possible, looking on as she entertained her lovers.

We were lucky as after an anxious couple of weeks we found that, despite all Ralph’s efforts, he had not managed to make Rachel pregnant.

This should have taught us a lesson but I must admit there were occasions when we spiced things up a little with Rachel going all the way without any protection whatsoever.

One of these was a very memorable occasion when we got friendly with four Filipino sailors who we took home for supper.

They were a bit hesitant at first but they soon entered the spirit of things and Rachel threw caution to the winds and took them on as nature intended. With four of them to cope with she had no time to spare and at times there were two of them vying for her services.

It took most of the next day for her to recover from her exertions but neither this nor the anxious wait to find if they had left her with an unwanted gift, could dampen her enthusiasm.

Eventually even Rachel’s appetite was satisfied and her need for other men grew less and less. Of course her reputation where we lived was that of the lowest slut so we decided on a clean break, moving as far away as we could. Now Rachel is just another middle-aged wife and mother, a pillar of the local community.

Although those first five years are now far behind us they can still evoke a thrill when we reminisce in the privacy of our bedroom.

And our first son really dosen’t look very much like me….

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