Erotica: Sexcapade Of A Lesson Teacher- 18+ Part 4
After church on that sunday, my mind wasn’t settled. I was wondering what could have happened?, why madam’s voice was so harsh?, why she wanted to see me urgently?. I summoned the courage and went to the white house. I entered the compound, knocked on the door. On entering the house, I met janet, sikirat and madam in the living room. Janet was sitting beside madam while Sikirat knelt down at the corner of the 3-seater. I was so scared that my heart was beating heavily. The look on sikirat’s face was indicating that she was in trouble. Madam wasn’t smiling either. Janet looked at me with a straight face and this scared me the more. Click to read part 2 MADAM: onihaxy, welcome ME: yes ma. How was service today? MADAM: **dropped her drinking cup on the stool**. It was fine. I heard something about you so I sent for you ME: **temi bami, heart beating heavily, looked at sikirat and still clueless**, hope nothing ma? MADAM: there is a problem. Meanwhile, can you see sikirat over there? ME: *wahala don happen, dem don catch us** yes ma. What was her offence ma? MADAM: she has started stealing. Whenever she went to market, its either money get lost, or she buys item lesser than the list I gave her. I even heard she is having a boyfriend in this neighbourhood. ME: *i looked at sikirat again, I felt guilty because I knew I was the reason for the food shortage, her eyez were soaked with tears* mummy, please forgive her ma. She won’t do that again. JANET: *interfered into the coversation*, sikirat is just too lazy and silly. Her funny character this days is becoming alarming. It seems she is pregnant sef. ME: **screamed* preg what? MADAM: sikirat!!!!, is that true SIKIRAT: no ma oooo, I’m not pregnant ma*panting**. MADAM: first thing tomorrow morning, I’m taking you to the hospital for a test ME: *chaiiii, I don enter am. But I always condomize my sex?, or has it ever leaked or burst?, or is sikirat having another fucker?, can she truly be pregnant?, I became uncomfortable**. I trust sikirat very well ma. She doesn’t look wayward to me, I’m very sure she isn’t pregnant ma. Pls forgive her ma. MADAM: you are saying so because you don’t live with us here. If you live here, you would known better that she is lazy and useless. sikirat!, get out of my sight, I will resume with you later. So lesson teacher, back to my previous discussion. ME: **heart skipped beats again. This time, I heart beat could be noticed by the movements of my cloth**. Ok ma. What happened ma? MADAM: I went through janet’s lesson note and discovered that it was scanty. ME: really? MADAM: yes, infact, I gave her an exercise from past questions and she failed it. ME: haa MADAM: and she told me that you haven’t be frequent and regular again. ME: **i looked into janet’s eyes with disappointment, she looked at me with a somehow face. “this is a pure lie, she was the one skipping classes. But how do I justify this* MADAM: so is this what I’m paying you for?, ME: not so ma. I can explain, eeemmmm. Click to read part 1 JANET: **before I could utter a word, janet interfered**, no ma, most of the time, we always do oral tutorial, so I don’t write much notes, he is trying his best ma. MADAM: but I’m not satisfied. JAMB is just 3 months away, I can’t watch you fail again this time. ME: I will improve ma. I will try my best MADAM: this is what I want. I want you to engage her in tutorials throughout the day. Even saturday and sunday should be inclusive. After dinner, she should be having sessions before going to her bedroom. We can re-negotiate the fees, I just want the best for her. ME: ok ma. But concerning the sessions after dinner, it will be a bit difficult because of my area. Its dangerous walking around at nights. MADAM: then start living here for the duration. Afterall I have given you a room here, you are the one who refused to use it. I will even prefer you stay here so that you can help me to handle sikirat with iron hand, it seems janet cannot handle her alone in my absence. ME: ok ma, no problem. Chaii, e don happen, living in same house with my 2 fuckers. How I go take do am?…………………………… ************* On getting home that sunday night, my mind wasn’t at rest. I was worried about sikirat, what if she is truly pregnant?, won’t I be implicated?, or was sikirat keeping other guys apart from me?, I kept wondering. Monday is another lesson day, I don’t have the liver to go to the white house. I tried calling sikirat but her number wasn’t reachable. I just have to know sikirat’s pregnancy status before going there for tutorial class. I called janet but she wasn’t picking. “Chaiii, e don happen. I don enter am”. I dressed up, stopped a bike, went straight to the house, I knocked on the gate and oga peter opened. I stylishly ask him if anything is happening in the house, he replied “something like what?”, then I was sure oga peter no “jasi” wetin dey go on. I went into the house and met janet watching africa magic in the living room. ME: janet how are you? JANET: *hugged me* I am fine dear, and you? ME: I’m doing good. How is janet?, was she eventually pregnant? JANET: and are you responsible for it? ME: me keeee?, just asking since I was here yesterday when pregnancy issue was mentioned JANET: anyways, she was taken to hospital this morning and she was negative. ME: **took a deep breath**, sebi I said it that I trusted her, she isn’t a wayward girl. JANET: hmmm. Well, I have been suspecting the two of you because I have seen your number on her call list more than thrice. ME: meee?, maybe its another onihaxy. JANET: well, If you say so. ME: **scared*. Alright dear. Where is she now? JANET: she is at the backyard washing cloths. So when are you packing over? ME: maybe this weekend JANET: not maybe, mummy said you must move in this week. ME: ok ma, can we start our lesson now? JANET: no lesson today abeg, come with me inside my room, I want to show you something………………. Click to read part 3 ************* I sat on janet’s bed, looking all over her room. What is it that you want me to see? I asked. She went to her wardrobe, opened it and brought out a black nylon. She opened it and brought out 3 bras and 2 pants. “I just got them today and I want you to tell me if they are ok on me. “Chaiiii, which kind temptation be this” Janet unbuttoned her shirt, removed her bra stripes. “Omo see bobby”, my dick signalled instantly. She bent on the bed, picked the first bra, wore it and faced me, “onihaxy, how does it look?” I replied “great”. She dropped the bra. Picked the second bra, wore it, the second one looks tighter, she faced me and asked, how does it looks like? “Sexy” I replied. This time, I am getting uncomfortable, my dick is getting harder. She picked the 3rd bra, it has no top stripe and it doesn’t cover her breats fully. ” Chaiiiii, see almighty bosom”. She faced me, “how does it look?”. Waoooo, its cool. “I replied”. She dropped it, raised up her short skirt, removed her pants, “chaiiii, see fresh punny here infront of me, what is this girl trying to do?, should I bounce on her?”. She wore the first pant, faced me, “how does it look?”, cool “I replied”. She pulled it off, wore the last one, it was a G-string. She faced me, “onihaxy, how does it look like?” She asked. This time, my urge has became uncontrollable, I couldn’t resist it anymore. I said wait “let me check it myself”. I stood up from the bed. Went closer to janet. Touched her pants “this is really sexy dear”, I moved my hand upward to her full Unclad bosoms, I grabbed it and squeezed, she released a soft moan. We walked backward to the bed and fell on it while I followed her. I continued squeezing the bosom as she was moaning louder. I locate the tips with my mouth and sucked. I moved my hand down to her G-string, pull it aside to one side and manipulated her, janet was so wet. After 3mins of finger bleeping, janet whispered “please Bleep me abeg”. I opened my wallet, picked a condom, unzipped my trouser to the release my dick, and gave her the best beeping of her life . ************* I woke up around 7am, I switched on my phone, I got several whatsapp messages from janet and “call me sms” from sikirat. I knew I will have to face interrogation today. I was in the room and I heard madam’s voice downstairs. I also heard the sound of a sweeping broom at the back of the compound. I was scared to come out of the room because I don’t know the excuse I will give janet, after a while, I overheard madam telling sikirat to buy fruits while coming from the market, then I remembered today is another market day. “Waoh, what do I do?”. I sent a text to sikirat that I will be at home by 10am and she should see me there.. I came down stairs and met madam in the living room, ME: good morning ma MADAM: good morning onihaxy, how was your night? ME: fine ma. How was the vigil? MADAM: it was ok, ME: ok ma. Pls ma, I wanted to check on a friend in town at 9am so I said I should inform you MADAM: **laughed*, you are funny, you are free to go to anywhere at anytime provided it is not affecting my children lesson sessions. I’m not imprisoning you here, you are only here to work so you should have your freedomshe patted me on the back*. ME: ok ma. Where is janet? MADAM: she is still in her room. I went back upstairs to my room. I sent texts to janet, apologising about my inability to come last night. I told her I was scared of been caught by gideon and sikirat but janet refused to reply. I then recorded a 3minutes voice note, telling her how much I missed and loved her. Then she replied with a voicenote ” I loved you too, I couldn’t sleep well last nite because I missed you”. Chaiii, I don hook ooo!!!, Its 9am, I had my bath, dressed up and went to my house, ion getting home, I was in my bad neighbour’s room having a gist and chats when my phone rang at 9:49am. I checked the screen and it was sikirat. I picked the call the call and she said she was at my door entrance. I dashed out of my neighbour’s room and went to meet sikirat. We entered my room and started conversations. SIKIrAT: what happened last night, why did you switched off your phone? ME: I wanted to sleep for a while before the night call, so I ended up sleeping off till morning. SIKIRaT: hmmmmm, abi its because of aunty janet? ME: *laughs** janet kee? Rara ooo, I just slept off, that’s all. SIKIrAT: I was awake all through the night sha, waiting for the time I will hear door movements but I didn’t hear any. ME: door movements?, how? SIKIRAT: that was what madam told me to watch out for. In fact, I slept at the store room upstairs last night. ME: **chaiii** see me see monitoring ooooo”. So if I went to her room, what would have happened? SIKIRAT: I will tell madam ni ME: *i don enter am*have you believed me now that I’m not dating janet? SIKIRAT: not yet. “Smiled”. ME: now that the white house is secured, how do we get to see? SIKIRAT: let’s continue with our old method of market days ME: **chaiii, this babe get sense** We had a sweet “woman riding on top” sex after a sweet romance and she left for market. After her departure, I picked my phone to chat with janet ME: jane baby, how are you? JANET: I’m not fine ME: what happened?, JANET: you aren’t free and closed to me like before. ME: but baby, try to understand me. As long as sikirat is always at home, I have to behave myself. You can’t underrate her, she might be dangerous. JANET: ok, I have an alternative ME: what is that? JANET: maybe I will be sending her out on an errand whenever I wanted you, or we will be going to your house occasionally. ME: “chaiiii, this girls no go kill me”. Ok, we will talk better when I’m back JANET: back from where?, so you are not in this compound?, where are you? ME: oooh sorry I didn’t tell you, I went out to see a friend. You were indoor at that time. JANET: ok sir. Don’t stay long outside oooo. ME: *laughs** ok dear. ***fast forward**** For the next 6 weeks, things worked out fine, sikirat and I would hook up at my house on market days, it was always a moment of tutorials and sweet sex. Meanwhile, janet will send sikirat on an errand For unnecessary things whenever she needs a “quickee” and we will opt for my house on none market days whenever we fill like having a nice romantic outing. I never stopped getting excited whenever I saw madam on her night gowns or short skirts, whenever we are sitting together at dinning, she likes patting me on my laps. During 2nd week of april, about 3 weeks to jamb, something tragedic happened. We were at home on one saturday evening when a woman came into the house, I guess she was the woman who brought sikirat from ilorin. I was having a session with janet on the dining, sikirat was in the kitchen while madam and the woman was discussing in the living room. Madam shouted “yeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” We came closer to them, madam said “sikirat’s mother is dead”. I felt so sad, my eyes were soaked. Janet was crying. Gideon’s face was dull. Sikirat was sent for. The news was broke to her, she was crying helplessly like a poor baby. I could felt her pains. She had always told me how she loved her mummy so much. We consoled her and cheered her up.Due to islamic tradition, the mother would be buried on sunday morning the next day and sikirat must travel that saturday. Janet and madam followed her to her room to pick few things. Madam drove us to ilorin pack. Sikirat was still crying. We all encouraged her. She promised to be back in 2 weeks time. We watched her entering the bus with the woman. I couldn’t hold my tears. I felt so sorry for her. I knew I will definitely miss her for that period. As we were heading back towards home, JANET was smiling in silence. I was like “what the hell is wrong with this girl, why the smile”? ************* After sikirat’s departure. Janet became the cook. Her food wasn’t as delicious as that of sikirat, but it was manageable. Janet was something else, she would act strict and bossy whenever madam was around, she would insult me and shout at me to the extent that her mummy would beg me to ignore and disregard her. But after her mummy’s departure to work and gideon’s departure to school, the compound would become a sex zone. We would dance, bleep, gist, eat and end it with tutorial sessions. On many occasions, we would be running around the house while Unclad. Throughout the first week, I missed sikirat so much that I do call her frequently. But in the second week, the passion for sikirat reduced drastically as janet was killing me with love and romance. I had to switch off my phone or placed it on silence whenever janet is around me. Three weeks gone, sikirat hadn’t returned and next weekend is jamb examination. Throughout the week, I was busy preparing janet for exam, its was then that I learnt her centre was in Ibadan and she would have to travel on friday morning and lodge at her uncle’s residence in Ibadan. I talked to my friends who are into examinations “runs” to send answers to me during the exam which I planed to send to janet without madam’s knowledge because I was very sure we didn’t prepare very well for the exams. On friday morning, madam told me to follow her in her car, she would drop me at her friend’s store to get some items for janet before she leaves for ibadan. As we were driving in her car, she kept patting my laps at interval whenever we discussed something funny. We had series of discussion about sikirat’s mother who died, about janet and jamb, about how I see her house,she told me I will be helping with cooking pending janet’s arrival, she asked about my girlfriend of which I kept smiling at intervals and she kept patting my laps. She finally dropped me at a supermarket and had a private discussion with the shop owner and she left. The super mart owner gave me tin of milk and milo, soaps, and some other gift items. I returned home on a bike, Janet picked out of the items I brought and she left for the garage which I followed her. After her took off, I returned home. I don’t know where to put the remaining items I brought…………TO BE CONTINUED !!!!!!

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