A 38 years years old man, Omeli Humphrey Darlington, has petitioned the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, over alleged threat to his life, by some officials of First Bank Nigeria Plc, following a fraud case of N355 million, at the IBG section of the bank, in 2013.

The dispatch rider, who last worked at Iganmu-Lagos Office of Final-IBG, in a petition dates May 20, 2020, stated that as at that time of the said fraud, which was allegedly carried out by one Jaiyesimi Abimbola, a senior staff of First Bank Nigeria Plc, stated that the petition became necessary as he noticed that some powers from the bank to are attempting to terminate his life in order to cover up the alleged fraud.

According to the petitioner, he carried out his duties diligently as a dispatch rider without any blemish until sometime in Sept 2013,when the unfortunate happened. Humphrey conveyed through the petition that he reported to work on this fateful day and as usual was sent on errand to dispatch document to different places, and that quite unusually, his boss (Abimbola) summoned him to return to the office.

Humphrey stated that on his arrival at the office on the said date, strange questions such as who handed the document you went to dispatch?, emanated despite the fact that the pre – dispatch protocols conformed to the official norms which had guided operations since inception of his duties there.

He noted that he was eventually handed over to the security post of the bank before he was taken to a police station surprisingly,and that at the police station, he was asked to admit that he submitted or dispatched documents in error.

Humphrey said that it was at that instance that he knew that something was amiss, stressing that his boss especially have committed a fraud and wanted to use him as scapegoat to cover up their transfer of the sum of N355 million, from a certain account Olams Nigeria Ltd, a company opposite the FBI regional branch in iganmu.

The petitioner stated that a cover up arrangement was used by the First Bank team which involved departmental heads and the security personnel, to set him up until he was detained, tortured and charged to court.

Humphrey stated that his alleged torture and detentions happened at a different police stations, before a magistrate redress in court set him free.

According to him, he filed a suit for the abuse of his fundamental human rights and was granted judgment by the high court which awarded him a compensation to over N17 million, due to the weight of the allegation.

Humphrey stated that prior to this triumph, these evil men operating within the realm of Nigeria’s banking sector breaches the law, kidnapped him bruised/threatened him severally until he now suffered auditory problem that make mucous gush out of his ear presently.

He noted in the 10 page petition to the CP, that the day he was granted bail from the first police station, security personnel, using the first bank vehicle, bundled him and tried to take him to some strange destination.

He alleged that while in the bank’s vehicle, the security men and a mobile police officers, dealt series of blows on him using the gun butt, which made blood gush out of his mouth and nose. This was done despite the bail condition fulfilled during his first arrest, he was taken to Ikoyi police station after his fight for safety as they obviously had the intention to kidnap or maybe kill him to cover up the fraud accusation First Bank officials committed.

This made him summon up courage and fought his way to safety by taking a drastic step to violently stop the vehicle, grabbed the key and stopped the engine, all attracted other road users who intervened, leading to the decision of the station to ensure my safety.

He further stated that the FBN power in manipulated the station until he was charged and sent to prison. This was a tortuous experience spanning into months before his bail was perfected, all this is due to the amount involved.

Despite all these, he has been getting strange calls, victimisation, stigma from people for a crime he did commit, as a result of this, he hides from one uncompleted building to the other, for fear of being killed untimely.

The petition emphasised that his life is in danger and that threats have made him a fugitive inside his home country when he did not commit any crime.

He alleged that the First bank Plc big men have intensified effort to frustrate him and conceal the fraud by taking steps to seek at the supreme Court through their legal department, instead of obeying the initial judgement as part of the effect made by the petitioner to prove his innocence and unravel the kingpins of the fraud in first bank included letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC) through his counsel at Falana & Falana chamber to investigate the N355 million fraud.

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  1. Thank you for helping out in trying to saving my life. I’m the person involved in this story.

    It’s worthy to note that my petition to IGP is been investigated by an IPO Fatai at the SCIID PANTY but he compromised and abandoned my case after arresting some of those involved working at first bank up till date.

    After some time, he told me to go to court on my kidnapping case assigned to him because I do not have money (15000×4) to give him for investigation, and I asked; how can I go to court on a criminal case without police investigation report?

    The treat is getting worst now !!!

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