US Election 2020: Black Voters Turn Out In Numbers Despite Shunning Hillary Clinton in 2016


In what seems like a wake-up call or determination not to repeat past mistake, many black voters who couldn’t be moved in 2016, have surprisingly stepped out in their numbers to participate in the 2020 US elections and cast their votes. Two young, black first-time voters were sure they had […]

US 2020 Election: Another Nigerian-American, Nnamdi Chukwuocha wins Delaware state legislative seat


Goodnews for Nigerians in the ongoing US 2020 elections as another Nigerian-American, Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha, has won a state seat in the Delaware House of Representatives. Chukwuocha first won the seat in 2018 unopposed and has now won reelection to the Delaware legislative seat today, November 4. Chukwuocha was born […]

Leaked Democratic Fundraiser Memo Reveals ‘Biden Is On Track to Win This Election’


A prominent Democratic fundraising operative confidently predicted that Joe Biden, the presidential nominee, would defeat President Donald Trump and win the White House, according to a memo sent Wednesday afternoon to about 100 high-dollar party donors. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada were among the still undecided states the operative told top […]