Tinubu’s Supporters Angry With Obasanjo’s Presence At Wike-Obi’s Meeting in London

Tinubu’s Supporters Angry With Obasanjo’s Presence At Wike-Obi’s Meeting in London

The presence of former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo at the meeting in London between Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and his allies and presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi, angered Bola Tinubu’s supporters yesterday, despite their alleged dedication to their cause.

In a similar event, the Obi-Datti Media Office refuted yesterday’s comments by Mr. Dele Alake, a spokesman for the APC presidential candidate, claiming Peter Obi had accomplished nothing during his eight years as governor of Anambra State.

This occurred on the same day that Governor Wike announced he would shortly announce his favored candidate for the 2023 presidential race.

Remember that Governor Wike and his supporters met with Obasanjo and Obi to discuss the importance of forming an alliance before the general elections in 2023.

Relatedly, last week Tinubu and a few of his associates visited with Obasanjo at his home in Ota to ask for his approval and support.

Similarly, Tinubu and some of his allies had met with the former President at his Ota residence to seek Obasanjo’s blessing and support, last week.

Nevertheless, Obasanjo refuted claims that he supported Tinubu during the APC presidential candidate’s visit.

Kehinde Akinyemi, his Special Assistant on Media, denied claims made by Tinubu supporters and clarified that the conversation during the visit was “more brotherly than political.”

Chief Obasanjo’s aide further said the former President had neither agreed nor disapproved of Tinubu’s ‘request.

Chief Obasanjo’s assistant said the former president had neither accepted nor disapproved of Tinubu’s “request.”

According to a source with knowledge of the events in London, the Tinubu camp is not pleased that Wike and Obi’s conversation in London included Obasanjo.

Further information revealed that Obasanjo was invited to the meeting by Obi.

The source said: “First, it was the Wike camp that leaked the London meeting with Obasanjo and Obi, and secondly, it was because of Peter Obi that Obasanjo was present at the meeting with the Wike camp.

“The Wike camp did not want the story leaked by someone else and that informed their decision to leak the story and picture that they met with Obasanjo and Obi.

“Obasanjo was at the London meeting at the instance of Obi. The Wike camp wanted to meet Peter Obi but Obi requested that Obasanjo should be present before the meeting could hold.

“The Tinubu people were not happy that Baba (Obasanjo) was there (London) because they felt Baba had committed himself when they met with him in Ota. They felt Baba was already committed to them (Tinubu’s camp) and so when he (Obasanjo) met with Wike, alongside Obi, the Tinubu camp was not happy that he was part of the London meeting with Wike and Obi.”

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