PDP Crisis: I won’t leave PDP. I will stay and fight – Governor Wike

PDP Crisis: I won’t leave PDP. I will stay and fight – Governor Wike

Despite his disagreement with the party’s leadership, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has vowed to be a member of the PDP.

This was said by the governor on September 22 at a meeting with PDP members in Rivers state.

Iyiorcha Ayu, the party’s national chairman, has been under fire from Governor Wike and his backers. They insist that Ayu resign from his position as party chairman and hand it over to a Southerner because they contend that since the party’s presidential candidate for the general election of 2023, Atiku Abubakar, is from the North, Ayu, who is also from the North, cannot continue in that position.

The followers of Governor Wike dropped their backing for Atiku Abubakar’s presidential bid on Tuesday, September 20. Atiku Abubakar said that he couldn’t compel the national chairman to step down.

Wike spoke on Thursday, he said that the recent developments would not make him leave the party. He added that it is wrong for the party’s presidential candidate, national chairman, and presidential campaign DG to be from the same region.

“One thing I have always told people is if anybody is thinking, doing anything to think that we will leave PDP, foul. We will do the fight in the party. We are not like them, when in 2014 they walked out from Eagle Square. They’ve forgotten. They walked out and joined APC. Is it not correct?. Wike said

Did they remain to fight inside the party? But we remained; they ran away. Now, there is a fight in the party, we will not run. We will fight it in this party. Those who run away from fights are weak people. We will not. So, everybody should know this is the state where we are, so that nobody tells you all kind of stories.

You have taken presidential candidate; you have taken party chairman; you have also taken the DG (director-general) of the campaign. We are talking about party politics. Decisions are made by the presidential candidate , chairman of the party, and the DG of the campaign.

They are telling you they told the chairman of the BoT to resign. So, you know there is a problem. You said he should go and resign. You can put pressure on him to resign when his tenure hasn’t come to an end, but you cannot put pressure on the chairman to resign. You think at our level you will deceive us; you’ll tell us stories.”he said






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