Nigeria Aims To Generate 30 Gigawatts Of Electricity By 2030

Nigeria Aims To Generate 30 Gigawatts Of Electricity By 2030

According to Minister of Power Abubakar Aliyu, Nigeria plans to have 30 gigawatts of electricity by 2030 from various sources, with at least 30% coming from renewable energy.

At the 9th Nigeria Energy Exhibition and Conference in Lagos on Tuesday, September 20, Aliyu, who was represented by the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Temitope Fashedemi, said that the country also planned to achieve net zero commission by 2060 through the recently launched transition plan.

According to him, energy is still necessary for human survival and socioeconomic development because access to energy, particularly electricity, raises citizens’ standard of living, and thus it is included in the calculation of the human development index.

The minister said ; “allows us to share knowledge with international energy experts, with a view to developing solutions and even forging partnerships that seek to tackle the various issues and challenges that are preventing us from achieving our desired goals in the energy sector.”

“We are all aware that Nigeria’s economic development aspiration demands a higher energy capacity than what we have available presently. Our current unmet energy needs are huge and they are bound to increase due to urbanisation and population expansion. This makes it clear that access to energy is critical in advancing our country’s development agenda.”

“I strongly believe that the answer to achieving this is through collaboration as vividly captured in our energy policies. The much-needed finance required in the provision of energy access resides with the private sector and the task of living in finance through the right policies, incentives and establishment of an investment-friendly environment is what the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to achieving,” he added.






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