Google’s Equiano Underwater Cable Begins By December In Nigeria

Google’s Equiano Underwater Cable Begins By December In Nigeria

The 12,000 kilometer Equiano underwater Internet cable, which Google, a technology company, said would arrive in Nigeria in April, will be operational by December.

Equiano, which connects St. Helena, Togo, Nigeria, Namibia, and South Africa with Europe, is currently passing through Togo, Nigeria, Namibia, and South Africa, according to Google. It is anticipated to bring faster, less expensive Internet to the continent.

The American company made this announcement yesterday at the second Google for Africa event, claiming that more than 20% of the $1 billion announced last year to be invested in the region over the following five years had been used effectively.

According to a recent economic effect analysis by Africa Practice and Genesis Analytics, the cable will accelerate economic growth by 2025, with GDPs in Nigeria, South Africa, and Namibia each increasing by $10.1 billion, $7 billion, and $260 million, respectively.

Equiano is expected to indirectly generate 1.6 million jobs in Nigeria, 180,000 in South Africa, and 21,000 in Namibia during this time due to the growth of the digital economy and ancillary industries.

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive officer of Google, announced at the virtual event that the company intended to launch its first Google Cloud region on the continent in South Africa.

According to Pichai, the new Cloud Region will assist users, developers, enterprises, and educational institutions throughout Africa in moving more information and tools online, enhancing customer access options, and ultimately generating employment.

Nitin Gajria, Managing Director of Google Africa, stated that the company is working with authorities, decision-makers, NGOs, telecoms, business executives, creators, and the media to hasten Africa’s digital revolution.

Niral Patel, Director of Google Cloud Africa said: “We believe in growing an open and healthy ecosystem of technology solutions to support Africa’s digital transformation goals, which leads to more opportunities for businesses. It is part of our company-wide ethos to respect the environment, which is why we operate the cleanest cloud in the industry, supporting sustainable digital transformation.

“Along with the cloud region, we are expanding our network through the Equiano subsea cable and building Dedicated Cloud Interconnect sites in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos and Nairobi. In doing so, we are building full scale Cloud capability for Africa.”


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