BBNaija Sheggz Ex-girlfriend Confirms Toxic Relationship

BBNaija Sheggz Ex-girlfriend Confirms Toxic Relationship

The YouTuber also asserts that the reality star’s team was responsible for the viral video in which she claimed to have been abused.

Beauty By Bemi, a popular YouTube content creator, has officially addressed rumours that she is dating BBNaija Level Up housemate Sheggz Olusemo.

The YouTuber revealed dating the reality star from 2019 to 2021, breaking up with her due to verbal and physical abuse, and the viral video of her making the allegations that almost brought down the internet at the start of the current BBN season in a disturbing Twitter thread.

“If you have watched the video, not once did I mention that segun pushed me down the stairs, I was running from him as he was chasing after me; from the fear of what he might to do me, I was scared & running fast, that’s when I missed a step and fell down 7 flights of stairs,” Gbemisola tweeted on the viral YouTube video.

The YouTuber gave further information about their “toxic” relationship, including the fact that she finally ended it in November 2021 due to his increasingly “possessive and overbearing” behaviour.

“The next day he goes on BBN and in less than an hour of him being in the house, a reaction video to the video I made in 2020 starts circulating all over social media,” the content creator continues on events leading to the viral video.

“I was even getting annoyed for him, thinking can people just let this be and judge him based on the show and not this video, as we all deserve a second chance and we all make mistakes.

“I then realised this was all a strategy, because how has he gone in the houseand within an hour this video is EVERYWHERE and I’m being tagged left right centre and my phone is going off non-stop. Not even a day or 2 maybe even 3…But an hour? Come on.

“I watched the show when it first started and I was disgusted and I couldn’t rate what I was seeing because it was clear to me he went on there to try change the narrative.

“He was clearly given a script to go by hence why his family and friends must have told him not to tell me he was going on there lol (awon werey).

“Segun has gone into the BBN house with no outside communication or phone, suddenly he knew a video about him linked to abuse would surface, how did he know that there could be a video circulating about him?”

Sheggz had already responded evasively to inquiries from the media linking him to the YouTuber before Gbemisola’s tweets. He has, however, asserted that the video misunderstood his actions toward Bella.



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